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Sending someone a bouquet of flowers is one way to show that you are thinking about them. The Internet has made it much easier to send someone flowers. You don’t have to go to a flower shop, you don’t even have to talk to anyone. All you need is Internet access and you can order a lovely bouquet that the recipient will love. The following information will help you get through ordering flowers online.

product_737_rainbow-of-mini-gerberas_238What’s in Season

It is good to know what flowers are in season in your region. When the flowers are in season they don’t have to be shipped from far away which reduces the overall cost. A simple google search will tell you what flowers are currently in season so you can make an educated pick when you place your order.

Think Like the Recipient

Think about what the recipient would order for themselves. You want to pick a bouquet of flowers that fits the person you are sending them to. What would go well with that persons decor? What flower does the recipient love? The more the recipient likes the flowers the more likely they will display the gift.

How are Flowers Shipped

Find out how the flowers are shipped. Some online florists are linked to a local florists who delivers the flowers prearranged in a vase. Some online florists ship flowers directly from the grower and the flowers come in a box and need to be arranged by the recipient. One method isn’t better than the other it’s just best to chose what your recipient would prefer.

Customer Service

Hopefully you won’t have a problem when you order flowers online, but if you do you want to make sure customer service is available to you. You should have someone that can help you place your order if need be. Someone should also be available if your order isn’t right.

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