Top Florist in Chennai – Submit Feedback/Reviews

business-flowersWith its withering southern heat, roaring traffic and scarcity of outstanding sights, the ‘capital of the south’ has always been the rather dowdy sibling among India’s four biggest cities. Auto industrial city in India, not notch corporate sectors are residing in Chennai due to its phenomenon infrastructural support from Tamil Government.

Youth is fond of flower trends and believe in celebration occasions by sending flowers to their loved ones residing in Chennai. Chennai has a long old tradition in arranging flowers in offices and house so people buy these flowers on regular basis.

People buy scented flowers a lot but too much scented flowers we avoid, due to its overwhelming effect in room.

Don’t Overwhelm the Guests with scent: While you can never go wrong with the brightness flowers exude, you need to be careful with their fragrance. The collective fragrance should be just the right amount of pleasant and not something that it makes people feel that their noses are under assault. Also, you aren’t supposed to create a war field of fragrance but it is also very important that your flowers possess their natural fragrance.

We are living in a world, surrounded by chemicals and engineered products and hence, don’t expect your flowers to be an exception unless you specifically ask for organic labels.  Moreover, over spraying of fungicides causes flowers to lose fragrance so it is important that you order cut extra fresh flowers from a reputed seller that won’t compromise on the quality because of quantity.

Now people of Chennai start liking buying flowers flowers online and order for roses and other flowers.

There are some top rated florists in Chennai. Below is a lost of top florists in Chennai.

ArenaFlowers @ Chennai – Very old company and most reliable in Chennai. Very strong network of local florists and best in town.

CityFlowers @ Chennai – Finest and huge collection of floral & gifts items.

EasyFlowers @ Chennai – Top rated wedding florist in Chennai.

MayaFlowers @ Chennai – Finest in corporate & very huge customer data base in Chennai.