About Mangalore and Florists Lists in Mangalore City

zinnia-largeFlorists Lists in Mangalore City, Karnataka, India

1.>     MrsFlorists.co.in/Mangalore  at   N.J. Arcade Lady Hill, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575006

2.>   EasyFlowers.co.in/Mangalore    at Majestic Commercial Complex, Bunts Hostel, Karangalpady, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575003

Mangalore- A Famous Port City

Mangalore is a port city in the state of Karnataka. It distinctly lies between the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other. It offers a lot to the people here. The modern day Mangalore has a lot of connections with the traditional city that it used to be. Let us here go through some of the reasons why Mangalore is such a popular place in India.


This is one of the first reasons why Mangalore is popular in the country. There are a variety of sightseeing options on offer. This includes the likes of many beautiful temples, the natural beaches, churches and others. Owing to its strategic geographical position between a mountain range the sea, it has a lot of scenic beauty. The topography of the city includes plain land for most part of the city, but it later goes on to undulated hilly terrain, all thanks to the Western Ghats.


Mangalorean cuisine is another famous concept in the country. Influenced by South Indian tastes, this includes a lot of coconut flavors and curry leaves. The fish curry and kori roti are famous dishes here. Owing to its status as a coastal city, fish forms an integral part of the diet of Mangalore. The cuisine is primarily defined by spices and pickles. The people like to stick to the natural forms of these edibles. They give a lot of importance to activities like farming, gardening, etc. No wonder flowers form an integral part of every occasion and festival here. Distribution and delivery of flowers are common practices in Mangalore.


Mangalore is the 13th best business destination in the country. It handles a major part of India’s coffee and cashew exports. This can also be attributed to the fact that it is a famous port city. A lot of industries and companies including the likes of petrochemical mineral exploration companies are boosting the economy of this place.